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Bering Pacific Seafoods, LLC began processing salmon in the present plant in 2008.  BPS is 100% owned and operated by APICDA Joint Ventures.  BPS operates on a small scale, buying fish from local commercial fishermen.  The plant is designed to be versatile and process different fish species and produce various products.  At the present, the plant does fillets of sockeye salmon and halibut and H&G salmon and sablefish. 

Some of the workers live in the community but the plant has a bunkhouse and messhall with a capacity of 30 workers, although currently there are about 15 workers. The modern building provides space for laundry and showers for its fishermen.  The processing year is usually from about June 1 through September 30.

Fish are brought to the plant on company tenders, the Konrad I and the Taty Z.1 

Bering Pacific Seafoods, False Pass, Alaska

The parent company of BPS is APICDA, (Aleutian Pribilof Islands Community Development Association) a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of Alaska. APICDA's charitable purpose is to develop stable local economies in its member communities, of which False Pass is one.

APICDA’s membership is composed of the Fishermen’s Associations from each community. Any resident of an APICDA community is eligible to join the local fishermen’s association. On a rotating two year schedule, the membership of each fishermen’s association elects an individual to serve as a member of the APICDA foundation. The foundation members then elect themselves to serve as members of the APICDA Board of Directors.2

APICDA was formed when the Community Development Quota (CDQ) program was developed by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council in 1991 and went into effect in December, 1992. The intent of the program was, and remains, to provide economically disadvantaged communities in western Alaska with the opportunity to generate capital with which they could develop stable local economies based upon the fishing industry.3

BPS processing halibut
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1) Ken Smith, BPS Plant Manager, personal communication.