Historic Trapping Cabins of the False Pass Area, Alaska

(Numerical Key to digital map showing cabin locations)

Builder, date, and who used cabin

  1. Kristensen, Nick: '22, built up-river from Urilia Bay & new one in '38. Last used by Stanley Kristensen. Nick built second cabin on Lagoon in '34, was burned in '58.

  2. Peterson, Henry: About '43. Built in west Swanson's Lagoon.

  3. Yatchmeneff, Peter, Sr.: Built '36.

  4. Peterson, George: '20s barabara, later used by Peter Yatchmeneff, Sr.

  5. Gardiner's House: 30s, used later by Peter Yatchmeneff and Tom Hoblet, Sr.

  6. Newman, Ernie: '30s, last used in '42.

  7. Captain Moses: '10, later owned by Capt. Nozikoff. Later Anton Nozikoff tore down and rebuilt at Dry Lagoon.

  8. Miller, Frank: '30s Burned by John Gardiner.

  9. Newman, Art: '30s Built inland on Mike's Creek

  10. Newman, Art: '30s

  11. Olsen's Cabin: Used by John Finnegan from late '20s to late '30s.

  12. Gardiner, John: '23. Used later by Charlie Peterson and then Unga-Man Olsen, area now known as Unga-Man's.

  13. Gardiner: 1st House in False Pass, sold to Nellie Shellikoff, tore down to build new house.

  14. Brown, Bill: '13, In False Pass, sold to George Shellikoff, then Knute Anderson; burned.

  15. Kristensen, Nick: '23 in False Pass. Lived in by Stanley Kristensen.

  16. Finnegan, John: Sourdough Flats, rebuilt by Wild-Cat Olsen, sold to Odd Steffensen.

  17. Hoblet, Tom: Traded to John Ferguson. Lived in by Bung-Bung (Johnny Vereskin).

  18. Hendrickson, One-Eyed Charlie: Sold to Anton Court, then to Steve Kristensen, then to Tom Hoblet in '40, then to John and Anna Hoblet.

  19. Hendrickson, Charlie: Sold to John Weber and then Frank Miller.

  20. Daley, Bob: '30s. Next to Daley's Lake.

  21. Daley, Bob: Early '30s. Trap shack on beach used by Daley.

  22. Kristensen, Nick: '21. Sold to Knute Johnson (Beach Boss at P.E. Harris Cannery).

  23. Miller, Frank: Then Sven Molly, then Charlie Mulligan (Anderson)

  24. Mulligan, Charlie

  25. Wilson's Barabara: Built by Harold Wilson's father; destroyed in the 1946 tsunami.

  26. Ungalook, John: Late 40's, sold to Sophie Ferguson.

  27. Peterson, Henry: Sold to Sonny (John, Jr.) Gardiner.

  28. Peterson, George: Sold to Peter Yatchmeneff.

  29. Beng, Bob: Then to Pete Johnson (built on old PAF Cannery property)

  30. Newman, Ernie: late '30s.

  31. Smith, Windy: Then John Smith.

  32. Trap Watchman: '20's. Then George Kochuten, Sr., then John Weber.

  33. PAF Cabin: (from trap), Gus Jackson, then Fred “Terrible Swede” Sundquist.

  34. Trap Shack: Used by George Jackson and John Hoblet in '44.

  35. Shellikoff, John & John Hodiakoff: '30s – '40s.

  36. Codfish Saltery: Owned by Union Fish Co. Emil Gundersen's father (from Sanak) manager.

  37. Anderson, Oscar: Lived in by Dave Anderson.

  38. Martinis, George “The Bear”: Fireman (stoked the cannery boilers) at P.E. Harris Cannery.

  39. Nozikoff, Anton: Late '30s.

  40. Porgie Tom's: Used by Fred Weber in '30s & '40s.

  41. Kochuten, George Sr.: '40's, later by Pete Yatchmeneff

  42. Captain Mobeck: Barabara, used later by Pete Yatchmeneff and George Kochuten

  43. Sundquist, Fred: In Unimak Bight; also used by Axel Williamson

  44. Wick, Albert: '39 Wick was blacksmith at P.E. Harris Cannery, Lived in by Knute Anderson and then rebuilt in 1976 by Martinson, still in use.

  45. Ellison, Einar. “Lonesome Einar”:

  46. Van Lock, Frank:

  47. Van Lock, Frank:

  48. Nozikoff, Anton: Last used by Knute Anderson

  49. Wick, Albert: '40's

  50. Ellison, Lonesome Einar: '30s. Rebuilt by Steve Kristensen in '39.

  51. Ellison, Lonesome Einar: Built cabin very near Hot Springs, in-land.

  52. Wick, Albert: Late '30s, early '40's; used later by Charlie Peterson.

  53. Nielsen, George: Used by George Jackson & Albert Vereskin in early '40s.

  54. Hansen, Charlie “Speechka”:

  55. Smith, Johnny: Late '30's at Red Salmon Packing Co. site; cannery moved to False Pass in 1919.

  56. Nozikoff, Anton: Late '30's. Sold to George Kochuten, Sr. in early 40's.

  57. Williamson, Axel: Used by Steve Kristensen and George Kochuten, Sr.

  58. Samuelson, Axel: Axel was from King Cove; used by Anton Court in late 30's.

  59. Gardiner, Sonny (John Jr.): 30's, early 40's.

  60. Dushkin, Zahar: '10, used until '45.

  61. Ellison, Lonesome Einar: Used also by Unga-Man Olsen in late '30's.

  62. Olsen, Albert “Wild-Cat”: '30's Called a house.

  63. Glazenap Cabins: Albert Olsen “Unga-Man” and Albert Olsen “Wild-Cat”.

  64. Moffet Cabins: Buddy Bendixen and Mike Uttecht (from King Cove)

  65. Black Hills Cabins: Einar Ellison; Black-Eyed Charlie Hendrickson